We mainly develop on FileMaker 14 Platform. It allows for rapid application development and ease of use for any size company. Filemaker provides our developers the flexibility to develop and deploy applications across a wide variety of devices and platforms. 

Working with multinational corporations with a wide range of languages such as Arabic, English, French, Greek, and Hebrew, FileMaker is one of the very few platforms that helps the developer generate multilingual interfaces without complexity, thus streamlining workflows and business processes. 

Another major advantage with FIleMaker is that it beautifully intimates with other data driven systems such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL.

We software engineer iOS applications for mobile business solutions to the world's leading enterprise and consumer-facing companies, including: GE, P&G, AEG, M&S.

Cross development with Xcode and other Apple tools to meet the need of developing solutions that work on Mac, iPads, and iPhones, is something that we do very well.